Sundance 2018 premieres: Boots Riley’s SORRY TO BOTHER YOU, Lance Weiler’s Frankenstein AI, Eugene Jarecki’s THE KING

Boots Riley, vocalist of The Coup, screenwriter, labor organizer, is available for lectures, keynotes and roundtables via Evil Twin Booking Agency

A recurrent theme of our speakers’ feature films and immersive experiences premiering at Sundance 2018 is the ethical, technological and social aspects of the systems we build. It’s a look forward at modern dystopias and failing empires. For the last few years, Lance Weiler has woven Artificial Intelligence into his immersive storytelling experiences. He pushes […]

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Liz Cole Assumes Complete Leadership of Evil Twin Booking, Scott Beibin Steps Down Effective Immediately

We recently learned about allegations of sexual misconduct in the past against Scott Beibin, one of the founding members of our organization. Thank you to the brave women for having the courage to come forward and speak out. We are taking these allegations very seriously and have taken immediate action. His resignation has been voluntarily […]

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Black Snake Killaz: A #NODAPL story


Unicorn Riot‘s Black Snake Killaz, their feature-length documentary film about the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline, premieres today.     Black Snake Killaz explores actions taken by water protectors to stop the construction of the oil pipeline and highlights actions taken by law enforcement, military, and corporate mercenaries to quell the months-long protest. Black […]

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The Yes Men and Evil Twin Booking Engineer Outrage at Roskilde Festival, Edward Snowden reveals all.


Edward Snowden spoke to the biggest crowd he’s ever addressed at Roskilde Fest 2016. But first, anti-corporate pranksters The Yes Men outraged festival-goers with announcements that the fest would steal, store and share data from their texts, conversations, and Internet activity while on site. The prank was engineered in collaboration between The Yes Men, Evil […]

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Making sense of privacy: Introducing new speaker Glenn Greenwald

speaking at TEDGlobal 2014, South, Session 2 - Digital Reboot, October 5-10, 2014, , Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo: James Duncan Davidson/TED

  “A society in which people can be monitored at all times is a society that breeds conformity and obedience and submission, which is why every tyrant, the most overt to the most subtle, craves that system.” Glenn Greenwald, the journalist at the heart of the exposure of the Edward Snowden files and their revelations […]

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Severn Cullis Suzuki and Tanya Tagaq

Severn Cullis Suzuki, scientist and environmental activist, and speaker via Evil Twin Booking Agency

Scientist, environmental activist, television host and author Severn Cullis Suzuki spoke on sustainability and the Anthropocene epoch (the era in which the global impact of human activities on Earth’s ecosystems became significant), in a performance with Inuk throat singer Tanya Tagaq.   Infinite thanks to the Beyond Words series at the Chan Centre for the […]

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Edward Snowden in Conversation With The Yes Men

Edward Snowden ACLU photo credit Laura Poitras eviltwinbooking[dot]org Edward Snowden keynote with The Yes Men thumbnail 3

When Edward Snowden joined Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Men for his first in-person public appearance on U.S. soil since receiving a Presidential pardon, the bi-partisan crowd went wild. Following the Yes Men’s announcement of Edward Snowden’s pardon, the capacity crowd at the Los Angeles Convention Center burst into cheers and rushed […]

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This Yes Men prank is revolting, but factory farming is even more so.

Skip Showers for Beef the Yes Men Moby evil twin booking agency

Drought-stricken California carnivores were bewildered and amused when dirt-smeared beef industry reps, accompanied by notorious vegan Moby, told them to stop showering and drink their own urine in order to keep eating meat. In true Yes Men style, the campaign’s ridiculous call to action was indistinguishable from typical inane corporate “astroturf” solutions, and press outlets […]

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The Yes Men are Revolting, gay rights in Uganda, and Julian Assange


[The Yes Men are political activists who carry out elaborate and often hilarious media pranks against climate-change deniers and psychopathic, polluting corporations. Their latest stunt? Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum (not their real names) are giving away their secrets to activists in a series of workshops and lectures. Want to get your hands dirty and […]

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“Shiva” by Olmeca


Just discovered this bit of awesomeness via Crayonbeats: This Earth Day, a hip hop artist named Olmeca released a song called “Shiva”, about eco-feminist and earth justice activist Vandana Shiva. He was inspired to write it after meeting her at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education last year, and enlisted the […]

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Natalie Portman Kanye-Wested for divestment by the Yes Men and Gitz Crazyboy

Gitz Crazyboy Yes Men Natalie Portman kanye west-ing for divesting show of hands photo credit tage spegiel de

Natalie Portman got Kanye-Wested for divestment by climate activists Mike Bonanno and Gitz Crazyboy at the Cinema for Peace gala. Mike and Gitz drew a strong show of hands pledging to divest from fossil fuels from the moneyed glitterati in the audience, before security dragged them offstage.                 […]

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Lessons from Ai Wei Wei, Vandana Shiva, the Yes Men and Glenn Greenwald on creativity and privacy


I met with Ai Wei Wei, China’s most controversial artist, at his studio in Beijing in November 2014. We debated whether it was possible to nourish creativity and revolutionize education in China by creating communities where people have support doing what they really love. Mitch Altman, inventor and organizer of the visit, goes around the […]

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We Are All Seeds: A message for 2015‬ from Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva signing books at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, March 2013

Dr Vandana Shiva will be on a speaking tour of North America in March 2015 and October 2015. She recorded this message to kick off the coming year, which has been declared The Year of Soil. As the debate over the future of the world’s food supply intensified in 2014, genetically modified seed / pesticide […]

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Glenn Greenwald at Concordia University


Evil Twin Booking Agency collaborated with Concordia Student Union to host Glenn Greenwald’s lecture “State Surveillance and the Assault on Civil Liberties” as part of Concordia University’s Surveillance Week. The event was a fundraiser for the Freedom of the Press Foundation, an organization that defends journalism exposing corruption and law-breaking in government.   Glenn is a journalist […]

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This weekend: Peoples Climate March and Flood Wall Street!

There is so much to be grateful for this weekend. In the lead up to #PeoplesClimate March on 9/21, The Yes Men and a bevy of other organizers are participating in a day of teach-ins and workshops. Vandana Shiva will be marching in the PCM with the Organic Consumers Association. On 9/22, thousands of people will […]

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The Yes Men prank Reed College, announce divestment from fossil fuels

Mike Bonanno of the Yes Men holding Vivoleum candles from their famed prank on Exxon

Graduating Reed College students and their parents gave a standing ovation when their commencement speaker announced the school’s decision to divest from fossil fuels and re-invest their money in community-owned, renewable energy projects. Reed’s President and Chair of the Board of Trustees quietly wrung their hands while the crowd of parents and students and faculty cheered. The only […]

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Boots Riley speaking and The Coup performing in Europe


Dear France, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland and Spain: Boots Riley is speaking and performing with The Coup in your cities in May. Hooray! If you want to put up posters in exchange for backstage passes to the following shows, get in touch. Boots speaks on Hip-Hop, criminalization and mass incarceration. He shares the honor with fellow […]

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The Yes Men prank Homeland Security

The-Yes-Men-speakers-Evil-Twin-Booking-Agency-with-Gitz-Crazyboy-Homeland-Security-Prank-image-credit-The-Yes-Men-eviltwinbooking-[dot]-org-small thumb

The Yes Men, culture jamming activist group,  have struck again. Hooray! Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno infiltrated the National Homeland Security Congress and proposed a plan to convert the United States to 100 percent renewable energy by 2030. They were joined by Gitz Crazyboy, an activist from the Athabascan Chipewyan First Nations, whose land includes […]

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Vandana Shiva in Kansas City


Dr Vandana Shiva’s event in Kansas City tonight is SOLD OUT!  Her lecture, “Cultivating Diversity, Freedom and Hope,” will address the value of diversity in nature and in society, as well how the monoculture of the mind can destroy that diversity at every level. If you want to hear her message of local ownership and self-sufficiency […]

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The Yes Men in Buenos Aires Argentina at Tecnopolis


For the first time ever, The Yes Men are in Argentina giving a creative and interactive presentation at Encuentro La Palabra: Culturas Digitales (Federal Meeting of the Word) in Buenos Aires. [ To book the Yes Men to speak at your university, campus, conference or event email info (at) eviltwinbooking (dot) com ]  President of Argentina […]

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Jehane Noujaim’s THE SQUARE shown in Kiev, Caracas


The Square, Jehane Noujaim’s Oscar-nominated feature documentary about the revolution in Egypt and its aftermath, is taking on its own role in ongoing revolutions around the world.   The Square has been dubbed in Ukrainian and shown to demonstrators in Kiev, Ukraine where the opposition was digging in for a standoff against the government earlier […]

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Justin Wedes @ Northwest Student Leadership Conference


Justin Wedes snapped this pic while keynoting the Northwest Student Leadership Conference in PDX on Saturday:                       Justin is an educator and activist and a founding member of the New York City General Assembly (NYCGA), the group that brought you Occupy Wall Street. Justin has […]

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Make (strategic) awesome with the Yes Men, Steve Lambert


Evil Twin Booking speakers The Yes Men / The Yes Lab and Steve Lambert are joining forces with Beautiful Trouble and the Center for Artistic Activism for a special weekend of trainings February 8 & 9 at NYU. Dive deep into The Yes Men and Steve Lambert’s creative toolboxes! Learn new strategy, tactics, and approaches and […]

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Jehane Noujaim + THE SQUARE win DGA feature doc


Congratulations to Jehane Noujaim for winning the Directors Guild of America feature documentary award for “The Square”! Noujaim’s on-the-ground account of the Egyptian revolution, told from the vantage point of a group of activists who risk their lives in the uprising that ousted Mubarak only to face further threats under the transitional military regime, is Academy Award-nominated for […]

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World Generosity Day – Oct 14


This year World Generosity Day falls on October 14.  (Will Columbus Day be forgotten in favor of this holiday?)  

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Tim Pool’s documentary on civil uprising in Turkey @VICE.


Journalist Tim Pool recently flew to Istanbul with VICE and produced this documentary about the protests against the construction of a mall in Gezi Park, and Prime Minister Ergodan’s religiously driven laws. Tim Pool interviews demonstrators on the ground participating in the largest civil uprising in the history of Turkey, and discussed the failure of […]

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Richard Rowley’s Dirty Wars opens tonight in New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.


Just in time for the opening weekend of DIRTY WARS (Directed and edited by Richard Rowley; written by Jeremy Scahill and David Riker), The New York Times was kind enough to name it their critics pick. To book Richard Rowley for a talk and screening, please email INFO (at) EVILTWINBOOKING [dot] ORG A bevy of special […]

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The Yes Men present at Agents of Chaos tonight in San Francisco


Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Men will share their techniques, methodology, and rebuttals as well as rare archival footage from their exploits tonight at the Castro Theater in San Francisco. The Yes Men impersonate the rich and powerful of the world and create colorful public relations disasters to shed light on institutional coverups and expose […]

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Tim DeChristopher speaking in NYC for opening of Bidder #70 documentary

TIM DECHRISTOPHER featured image photo credit the Indypendent (eviltwinbooking [dot] org )

Climate activist and Peaceful Uprising founder Tim DeChristopher was released last month from prison after interrupting a Bush era oil and drilling auction with a spontaneous act of courage and civil disobedience in 2008. Tim and his extraordinary actions that led to the protection of fragile land in Utah are the subject of the documentary […]

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Alex Grey + Allyson Grey launch a Kickstarter campaign for Entheon


Alex Grey and Allyson Grey recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to build Entheon, a living gallery for transformational and visionary art. It will serve as the new home to the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM) in Wappinger, NY (Due north of NYC). Very awesome! Check it out and show your support. The campaign ends on […]

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Occupy Love US tour and online launch starts today

OCCUPY LOVE occupy your heart thumbnail []

To book Occupy Love and Velcrow Ripper, please fill out the form here, or email INFO (at) EVILTWINBOOKING [dot] ORG [Screenings of Occupy Love can be accompanied by Velcrow Ripper. To book Velcrow Ripper, email, call 215 473 0308, or click here for more details] The Occupy Love theatrical tour kicks off today with director Velcrow […]

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Vandana Shiva and Will Potter speak at the 2013 Food Revolution Summit


Vandana Shiva offered a call to action and inspiring words in her talk “Food Security In A Global Community” at the 2013 Food Revolution Summit this morning. She and fellow Evil Twin family Will Potter, along with Mark Bittman, Dolores Huerta, Michael Bernard Beckwith and Russell Simmons, are being interviewed by John Robbins at the […]

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Tim DeChristopher speaks to Democracy Now!

Tim DeChristopher speaks to Democracy Now!

“The climate justice movement needs to take more risks and have more experimentation”: Tim DeChristopher speaks to Democracy Now! Just in time for Earth Day, climate change activist Tim DeChristopher was released from federal custody after serving 21 months for disrupting an illegal oil and gas drilling auction. Tim’s actions protected fragile land in southern […]

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