Jehane Noujaim + THE SQUARE win DGA feature doc

Congratulations to Jehane Noujaim for winning the Directors Guild of America feature documentary award for “The Square”! Noujaim’s on-the-ground account of the Egyptian revolution, told from the vantage point of a group of activists who risk their lives in the uprising that ousted Mubarak only to face further threats under the transitional military regime, is Academy Award-nominated for Best Documentary Feature.

Congratulations to the team that captured a diverse and complex movement that redefined visions of what was possible. 

“Dirty Wars”, Richard Rowley and Jeremy Scahill’s investigation into the covert wars the United States carries out in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and other nations  is also Academy Award-nominated for Best Documentary Feature. 

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Richard Rowley honored the people who risked their lives so that Dirty Wars could be made, in a recent interview with Salon:  

“It’s an incredible honor and we’re truly humbled.

So many people risked their lives to help make this film because they believe in the power of their stories. It mattered to them deeply that Americans hear their voices and they trusted us with the most intense and difficult moments of their lives.

For three years, we were terrified of letting these people down – of failing to do their stories justice, of failing to find an audience. Today, it is amazing to be recognized by our own documentary community. Amazing to know that we haven’t let down all the people who took risks and made sacrifices for this film. Amazing to think that more Americans will now get to see the wars that are being fought around the world in our name but without our knowledge or consent.”

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