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Sorcerbot-imageSorcerBot is an eco-friendly 3D printer that creates three dimensional objects using a variety of materials, from biodegradable plastics made from corn (PLA) to organic nut butters.

In this two-day long team building workshop for both super geeks and non-techie beginners, participants will learn to assemble their own SorcerBot 3D printer, which they can then keep and use.

Participants also learn to program, tune-up, and operate the printer, as well as print out 3d objects which they design.

The workshop is hosted by SorcerBot co-designers Scott Beibin (of Groucho Fractal) and Azi Mandias.

The SorcerBot design is based on the RepRap project which means that the printer is largely self-replicating, where users can print parts to build another SorcerBot 3D Printer from the original.

SorcerBot is portable and uses fully open-source hardware and software, all of which is provided in the workshop.

SorcerBot is the 3D printer used in Groucho Fractal .

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