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Contemporary Visionary Art and Culture

Alex-and-Allyson-Grey-present-Contemporary Visionary Art and Culture-primary-theologue-by-alex-grey[eviltwinbooking(dot)com]Presented by Alex Grey and Allyson Grey.

The mystical experience plunges the perceiver into the infinite unity of the cosmos, a classic “cosmic consciousness,” glimpsing the profound ecstasies and revelations visited by visionaries like William Blake. As our art historical eye glances over world culture, one of the primary functions of visual art has been the iconic linking together of transcendental and worldly realms. For centuries, people have gone to view art in temples and cathedrals to see a reflection of our eternal self, our soul. Art makes the state of the soul perceptible. Meditative practices and entheogens, such as psilocybin, give artists at the dawn of the 21st century a unique opportunity to create more integrative and universal spiritual art than ever before. The great uplifting of humanity beyond its self-destruction is the redemptive mission of art.
The origins and function of art have their source in the transpersonal domain. Art is a means for souls to come into communion with each other.  The visions that inspire artwork arise in the super-conscious realms.  Heaven seeks contact with earth through the artist’s imagination.  The viewers or audience experiencing a work of visual art, music, or performance, participate in a ceremonial fusion with the creative source.


Our art is inspired by higher states of consciousness available through psychedelic and meditative mystical experiences. Together we co-founded the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM) to further the alliance between art and community in a contemporary sacred space. Josef Beuys used the term “social sculpture” to define his activism as art. CoSM is offered in the same spirit. There is a growing worldwide community of artists meeting in clubs, festivals, retreat centers, in workshops and on-line groups evolving a new alliance of creativity and spirituality, largely under the radar of the established contemporary art world.  Festivals and rock concerts give sanctuary to tens of thousands taking psychedelics and celebrating tribal unity. This talk will offer an illustrated view of current and future trends in contemporary entheo art and gatherings born of the alchemical crucible.

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Book Contemporary Visionary Art and Culture


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