Book Learn Ableton Live: with Jef Stott

Learn Ableton Live: with Jef Stott


Learn music making in the 21st Century – Jump start your musical creativity using
 Ableton Live with instructor Jef Stott.

Learn how to turn your computer into a compositional and live performance

Critically acclaimed music producer/ composer/ performer Jef Stott (Six Degrees
Records) presents an insightful and dynamic music production workshop to help 
you jump start your creativity as a composer, DJ or performer using Ableton Live
music software.

Through the seminar, attendees will gain a thorough understanding of the
 fundamentals of music production by learning Ableton Live music software 
and its use a compositional tool and its ability to turn your computer into a live
 performance powerhouse with emphasis placed on DJ and remix techniques.

Students will be shown how to create beats and musical sketches, build
 custom MIDI instruments and effects, record their own instruments and vocals,
introduction to remix techniques and perform DJ sets live.

The course will consist of lecture and lab time to allow students to explore 
and develop their skills in Ableton and to allow for 1 on 1 interaction between
 instructor and students. Jef will also discuss key features of various genres of
electronic and fusion music, a brief history of electronic music production and
 new and exciting trends in live performances and presentation of interactive 
media in mainstream culture.

No previous musical knowledge is required, only an interest in 21st Century music making !

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Book Learn Ableton Live: with Jef Stott


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