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Adam Senecaut is an anarchist and anti-fascist organizer living somewhere in the hills of North Carolina. He was a participant in the anti-globalization and anti-war movements preceding and following the Iraq war, was present during the unrest in Ferguson and most recently attended the anti-fascist demonstrations in Charlottesville, VA against white supremacists. He currently works with prison abolition groups in his community to fight inhumane conditions in county jails, as well as mutual aid projects that aim to spread free resources to those in need. Originally from Iowa, Adam co-founded radical community spaces and helped organize a wide array of demonstrations, actions and projects around mutual aid in the 20 years he’s been politically active.
Adam has been touring and speaking in communities across the country about activism in the Trump era, and using his experience in Charlottesville to foster conversations about facing and countering the reality of white supremacy—examining the ways folks all over the globe are fighting against oppression and taking back control of their own lives and communities.
An advocate for a diversity of tactics, he studies liberation movements and social struggles that he hopes will create the spark that will get us all free. He has a dog named Bella and his favorite vegan ice cream is salted caramel cluster.
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