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Anouk Wipprecht, fashion tech designer, is available for lectures and keynotes via Evil Twin Booking Agency.
What does fashion lack?

Microcontrollers, according to Dutch based high-tech fashion designer and innovator Anouk Wipprecht.
Anouk combines fashion design with engineering, science and interactive design in unique and provocative ways. She has produced a vast and diverse body of technological couture. Using systems around the body that tend towards artificial intelligence, her designs move, breathe, and react to elements of the surrounding environment.

By incorporating unconscious biosignals as a control mechanism her wearable designs extend the wearer’s agency through its autonomous actions. Sensors embedded in the design monitor the space around the wearer, and body sensors check in on stress levels such as comfort or anxiety. Her Intel-Edison based ‘Spider Dress’ is a perfect example of this aesthetic. Sensors and moveable arms on the dress help to create a more defined boundary of personal space – the robotic dress attacks when others come too close – while employing a fierce style.

In collaboration with ArcAttack she created a faraday dress, allowing the wearer to engage with Tesla coils through electricity. The Faraday-cage-style dress projects the wearer from head to toe against the aggressive arcs of the Tesla coils that have been modified by ArcAttack to play musical notes through modulating their spark output.

Wipprecht researches how we can interface in new ways with the world around us through our wardrobe.
She develops how our future wardrobe would look as we continue to embed technology into what we wear. She has collaborated with INTEL, software producer Autodesk, Google and Microsoft, AUDI, and 3D Printing company Materialise.

Anouk currently serves as Creative Director of CODAME Labs, a studio in San Francisco focused on interdisciplinary collaboration between artists, engineers, fashion designers, architects, scientists and technologists.

She travels between San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam.


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