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Brent Baker

Brent Baker is the Chief Executive Officer, President, and founder of New York City-based Tri-State Biodiesel LLC. Under Baker’s leadership, Tri-State Biodiesel has become the predominant company in New York City and the northeastern United States for urban biodiesel production using recycled oils. Tri-State Biodiesel specializes in biodiesel marketing, production, and waste collection and is in the process of building New York City’s first biodiesel production facility.

Brent is an environmental advocate who has been focused on various sustainability issues for the last 18 years. He has been a pioneer of the biodiesel movement and has been a biodiesel educator and producer of biodiesel since the fuel emerged in the United States in the mid 1990s.

Brent has been a director and employee of, several non-profit environmental organizations, including a bio-fuels and sustainability education organization known as, which he founded in 2002. Through his work at and Tri-State Biodiesel, Brent has educated thousands of Americans about the dangers of climate change and the benefits of biodiesel.

Brent has been the subject of numerous print articles, radio and television programs including the New York Times, National Public Radio, ABCs Business Week Weekend and PBS News Hour, which called him a “Johnny Appleseed of biodiesel”. Baker is an advisor for members of the New York State Assembly and the New York City Council on biodiesel policy. He also serves as a consultant to other biodiesel startups and is featured in the biodiesel documentary film Fuel (dir. Josh Tickell). Baker, who met with Al Gore and biodiesel superstar Willie Nelson, is called upon regularly to be interviewed or speak at biodiesel industry and environmental forums.

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