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GF at Flux Factory 1 - Kyle Depew

Groucho Fractal is an interactive eco-tech skillshare presentation featuring a show-and-tell of audio-visual treats and sensory experiences.

The presentation explores the concept of Sustainable Futurism; The idea of pushing the boundaries of diy culture with new inventions and emerging technologies while giving consideration to their environmental, social and psychological impact.

In the show participants use Brain Computer Interface to make 3D printed vegan snacks from organic almond paste while pedaling a bicycle to create electricity which powers the show. (Yes!)

The interactive exhibition examines the contributions we as individuals can make in order to solve many of the problems we face in our modern time by implementing practical solutions on a grassroots level – including environmentally conscious advanced experimental techniques of generating and storing electricity and data. The show also explores systems thinking, constructive re-use of materials, permaculture, rhizomes and mycelial networks, digital privacy techniques, and experimental exercises designed to enhance concentration, cognition, memory, as well as a veritable bevy of other sentient abilities.

Many of the eco-friendly technologies presented in the show were designed by Scott Beibin and the Sufficiently Advanced Technologies Research Collective, including the Sorcerbot, an open source self-replicating 3D printer largely constructed from biodegradable and post-consumer recycled materials.

The show is all about living ones life as a conscious experiment while exploring the permutations and possibilities of things to come.  It’s all about the interconnectedness of life, the multiverse, and everything,

The Sustainable Futurist Philosophy: Sustainable Futurism is an emerging movement that promotes the do-it-yourself / citizen scientist ethic of borderless critical thinking, intermeshing of emerging and ancient technologies, open-source-everything, radical decentralization, philosophies of autonomous existence, good ecological stewardship, innovative re-use of resources, challenging the notion that technologies are agnostic by giving rigorous consideration to their impact on society and the environment, and exploring the inevitability of interplanetary exploration.

[Ask about additional workshops on how to build a bicycle powered electric generator and Sorcerbot 3d Printer from recycled materials]

Groucho Fractal is hosted by artist and inventor Scott Beibin and special guests
gf-website-header-banner-use1 Photos by Kyle Depew and Elizabeth-Jane Cole.

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