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Jamie Janover

Jamie Janover is lecturer and an emissary of the Resonance Project. He gives presentations which transform audiences view of the universe through communicating the research of physicist Nassim Haramein.

In addition to being a lecturer, Jamie is recognized as a true musical innovator, a visionary artist and a photographer. His talents include: being a master of the ancient percussion stringed instrument called the hammered dulcimer (he won the 2002 USA National Hammered Dulcimer Championship), inventing an instrument he calls the “mini-kit” (a miniature amplified drum kit), playing pyrocussion (fire drums), creating the Realmsmobile (a recumbent tricycle with the mini-kit attached, enabling him to ride and play drums simultaneously) and producing his own festival in Colorado each summer called Sonic Bloom. He has also pursued the visual arts since a very young age including photography, sculpture and graphic design.

Jamie maintains a rigorous touring schedule year-round with no less than 8 projects that he rotates through, including ZILLA (w/ Michael Travis from SCI and Aaron Holstein), Sporque, Praang (with Steve Kimock and Eoto) and projects that range from duets with cellist Rena Jones to large ensemble gigs with Everyone Orchestra and Meeting of the Minds, among others.

When not playing music, taking photographs or giving presentations on behalf of the Resonance Project you can find Jamie connecting dots in his extensive travels around the world… collaborating in multiple creative realms and helping to bring community together.

For more information into Jamie’s realms, check out his website:

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