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Josh Wolf is a freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker who was jailed by a Federal district court for refusing to turn over a collection of videotapes he recorded during a July 2005 demonstration in San Francisco.

Wolf served 226 days in prison at the Federal Correctional Institution, Dublin, California, longer than any other journalist in U.S. history has served for protecting source materials.

After Wolf released his video outtakes to the public, U.S. District Judge William Alsup ordered his release.

In 2007, Wolf ran for mayor of San Francisco against incumbent Gavin Newsom (finishing in 8th place with about 1% of the vote).The next year Wolf accepted a position at the “Palo Alto Daily Post” where he reported on the San Mateo County government and that of several cities within the county.

In 2011, Wolf graduated from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and his thesis film “Police Tape” received the Reva and David Logan Prize for Excellence in Investigative Reporting.

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