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Nwenna Kai is a wellness entrepreneur . She founded the pioneering organic raw food café Taste of the Goddess Café in Los Angeles, and authored The Goddess of Raw Food (BookSurge Publishing, April 2009). Most recently she is working on a new book/documentary project, What’s Really Eating Us? Black women and weight, an anthology of black women’s stories about weight and expert interviews about solutions to weight challenge. In 2007 she won the Elizabeth Dole Young Entrepreneurial Scholarship sponsored by Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) for her work as a health and wellness entrepreneur.

Her work has garnered her many radio, TV, magazine, and blog interviews on E-Entertainment, The Travel Channel, KTLA Los Angeles, Your LATV, Raw Epicurean, The LA Examiner, KPFK 90.7 FM Radio in Los Angeles, Self Magazine, HealthBeat Radio with Jenny Gallagher, WURD AM Radio Philadelphia, The Power XM 160 on Satellite Radio with Shawna Cocoa, Heart & Soul Magazine, Raw Mocha Angels, and She is a featured chef in The Ultimate Encyclopedia of the Raw Food Lifestyle DVD series.

She has turned her passion and love of natural eating, holistic practices and wellness lifestyle into a flourishing career, making her a leader amongst African-American women not only in entrepreneurial practices but also in women’s health. She draws from her experience to speak to audiences about lifestyle, wellness and entrepreneurship with vision and purpose. A staunch advocate for healthy, natural, and holistic eating, living, and healing she firmly believes that the mind, body, and spirit can heal anything!



Live Well with Nwenna Kai – A Raw Foods “Uncooking” Show

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