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RICHARD-ROWLEY-speaker-primary-mediagallery-[eviltwinbooking(dot)com]Richard Rowley (Rick Rowley) is the director of the documentary feature “Dirty Wars”, which is nominated for an Academy Award (2014), and won the cinematography award for a U.S. documentary at Sundance 2013.

He is a cofounder of Big Noise Films. His other documentary features include “The Fourth World War”, “Zapatista”, and “This Is What Democracy Looks Like”.

Richard Rowley’s work as a filmmaker, a journalist, and an activist has been to go where the mainstream media can not go and to build human connection against a politics of fear and isolation. RIchard Rowley has reported with Jacqueline Soohen and Jeremy Scahill from the front lines of wars and the inside of social movements in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, South Africa, Mali, Niger, East Timor and South Korea.

Richard Rowley’s shorts and news reports are featured on Al Jazeera English, BBC Newsnight, CBC, CNN International, Democracy Now!, and PBS, among others.

As a video artist, his work has been featured in the Whitney Biennial, the Berlin Transmediale, and at Barcelona’s CCCB, among dozens of gallery shows and video art festivals.

RIchard Rowley has broken many stories in his television coverage of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan from embedding with sectarian militias to exposing the massive lawless detention system in Iraq. While covering the Iraq War, Rowley traveled unembedded to places American television had never been, venturing inside war-torn Falluja, behind the wall in Sadr City, in the tents of Iraqi prison families on the edge of Umm Qasr.

Richard Rowley has been a Pulitzer Fellow, Rockefeller Fellow, and a Jerome Foundation Fellow.

His films include: Dirty Wars (2013), Beyond the Wall (2008), Guantanamo X 100 (2008), Re-Awakening Saddam’s Tribal Strategy (2008), Winter Soldier (2008), The Jena 6 (2008), New Orleans: Man-made Disaster (2008), Voter Suppression in the US (2008), Nazihunters (2008), Iran: Elections Under Threat (2008), Dangerous Allies (2007), Iraqi Journalists at War (2007), The Battle For Basra (2007), The Ghost of Anbar (2007), Deserter (2007), Vulture Funds (2007), The Attorney Scandal (2007), Welfare Rebel (2007), African Debt Speculation (2006), Reconstruction in Lebanon (2006), Letters From Beirut (2006), Chavez’s Venezuela (2006), The Other Campaigns (2006), I Know I’m Not Alone (2005), Famine in Niger (2005), World Bank Famine (2005), World Tribunal on Iraq – Istanbul (2005), Fourth World War (2004), Our World Is Not For Sale (2003), Kilometer Zero (2002), The Independence of East Timor (2002), This Is What Democracy Looks Like (2000), Storm From the Mountain (2000), 9.11- Another World Is Possible (2001), Breaking the Bank (2000), Showdown in Seattle (1999), Black and Gold (1999), Zapatista (1998).

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