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Sasha-Acker-[Eviltwinbooking(dot)org]Sasha Acker is a neurofeedback specialist and brain lover. She has a special interest in how sleep, medications, and hormones affect the brain.  She provides an hands on approach to learning how electricity moves through the brain – and how that affects everything you feel and everything you do.

Sasha grew up in a small town in northern Michigan where social services were sparse and inequality was widespread. Neurofeedback was appealing to Sasha because it helps the world on both an interpersonal level and on a social justice level. Neurofeedback’s promise as an alternative to and rescue from pharmaceutical medications is a critical new perspective in a context where medications are cost-prohibitive and have long-term health consequences for those impacted.  Neurofeedback provides a safe and highly effective solution to sleep issues, ADHD, anxiety, and many other disorders.

Learn how to hack your brain and make it work for you. Want to perform better in school? In sports? At work? Want to perfect your meditation practice? Through EEG equipment it is possible to see where your brain is not functioning at its optimal capacity. Through Sasha’s workshop you can learn ways to remedy some common complaints without turning to the pharmaceutical industry.

As background, Sasha earned a Master’s in Social Work from Western Michigan University where she accidentally stumbled upon the field of neurofeedback. After taking classes in biofeedback and neurofeedback she secured employment in clinical practice.

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