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Steve Roggenbuck

Steve_Roggenbuck-starsSteve Roggenbuck is a poet and blogger from rural Michigan. His work has been covered by know your meme and the new york times style magazine, and he has been interviewed by other people podcast, htmlgiantand many more.

His work, profoundly shaped by internet culture, also touches on many of the traditional themes of literature — carpe diem, romantic love, and appreciation of the natural world. The New York Times Style Magazine has speculated that “Roggenbuck might be the first 21st-century poet.”

Roggenbuck cultivated his internet following by prolifically releasing Youtube videos, tweets, image macros, e-books, and livestream broadcasts as vessels for his poetry, and by interacting with his internet community for hours daily.

He works hard to builds artists’ communities and spreads positive energy during his time on Earth. In 2012 he couch-surfed the entire year, doing readings and staying with internet friends and followers.

Steve identifies as veganbuddhist, and straight edge. Along with performing his own work, Roggenbuck will speak in panels or lectures about social media, carpe diem/YOLO, veganism, how altruism can become a contagious phenomenon, and other topics relating to poetry or youth culture.

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