Context Hacking

“Context Hacking” references hacker culture, propagating a creative and emancipatory approach to the technologies of the digital age. Presentation by Johannes Grenzfurthner of the Austrian art organization, monochrom.

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Social Media for Artists and Activists

Internet poet Steve Roggenbuck will discuss how positive, spiritual, and activist messages can be shared successfully through social networks, and how this can create ripple effects to amplify a positive message.

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Steve Roggenbuck

Steve Roggenbuck is an internet poet and straightedge vegan blogger. Steve is to poetry what dinosaurs are in general.

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Tim Pool’s documentary on civil uprising in Turkey @VICE.

Journalist Tim Pool recently flew to Istanbul with VICE and produced this documentary about the protests against the construction of a mall in Gezi Park, and Prime Minister Ergodan’s religiously driven laws. Tim Pool interviews demonstrators on the ground participating in the largest civil uprising in the history of Turkey, and discussed the failure of […]

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We Live In Public

Chronicles the development and implications of a social experiment in which 100 human specimens lived in a New York City basement under 24-7 surveillance.

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