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The Weather Underground

[Screenings of The Weather Underground can be accompanied by Sam Green, Bill Ayers, and Bernardine Dohrn]

dirs. Sam Green, Bill Siegel | 92 minutes| 2002 | documentary

The Weather Underground is an Oscar Nominated feature-length documentary film that follows the rise and fall of the Weather Underground – a group of several hundred young women and men who tried to violently overthrow the American government during the late 1960s and 70s. Outraged by the Vietnam War and racism in America, the Weathermen battled police in the streets, bombed the US Capital and two dozen other buildings, and broke Timothy Leary out of prison. For almost a decade, they lived underground and evaded one of the largest FBI manhunts in US history. In this film, former members of the Weather Underground (including Bernardine Dohrn, Mark Rudd, Naomi Jaffe, Bill Ayers, Laura Whitehorn and a number of others) speak candidly about their own thoughts and experiences many for the first time ever. What drove the group to embrace violence? How did violence affect their cause? How did it change them? And how do they feel about their actions thirty years later?

The goal of The Weather Underground is not so much to give answers but to raise questions. By exploring this controversial subject with depth and balance, the film hopes to encourage a broad debate of some of the most important issues of our time. What would real social justice look like not just in America, but throughout the world? What is our responsibility as Americans for the inequalities of globalism? How do we as a society define violence and terrorism? And can violence ever be justified in the pursuit of social change?

Accompanied by an haunting soundtrack by Amy Domingues, Ian MacKaye, and Brendan Canty this classic documentary is not soon forgotten.


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