Boots Riley speaking and The Coup performing in Europe

Dear France, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland and Spain: Boots Riley is speaking and performing with The Coup in your cities in May. Hooray!

If you want to put up posters in exchange for backstage passes to the following shows, get in touch.

Boots speaks on Hip-Hop, criminalization and mass incarceration. He shares the honor with fellow Evil Twin Booking speakers The Yes Men, and Evil Twin Booking Agency itself, in having his surveillance by private intelligence company Stratfor mentioned in a Wikileaks document. Boots was mentioned in relation to his involvement in Occupy Oakland and his potential for influencing the public opinion.

To book Boots Riley  to speak on your campus, get in touch with the Evil Twin Booking Agency at info (at)


May 9: The Coup at Sir Live in Oviedo

May 10: The Coup at Helldorado in Gasteiz

May 12: Boots Riley speaking at La Casa Encendida in Madrid (Maybe short acoustic set after)

May 13: The Coup at El Sol in Madrid

May 14: The Coup at Apolo2 in Barcelona

May 15: The Coup at Explosivo Club in Zaragoza

May 16: The Coup at L’Abordage in Evreux

May 17: Boots Riley speaking and Boots Riley Acoustic show in Nanterre

May 19: The Coup at La Peche in Montreuil (Paris)

May 20: The Coup at Le Poste à Galène in Marseille

May 21: The Coup at KlangFarben KultureVerein in Kufstein Austria

May 22: The Coup at A38 in Budapest

May 23: The Coup at Leon Cavallo in Milan

May 24: The Coup at a Block Party in Quartier des Grottes, Geneva

May 25: The Coup at La Sirene in La Rochelle

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