Black Snake Killaz: A #NODAPL story

Unicorn Riot‘s Black Snake Killaz, their feature-length documentary film about the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline, premieres today.



Black Snake Killaz explores actions taken by water protectors to stop the construction of the oil pipeline and highlights actions taken by law enforcement, military, and corporate mercenaries to quell the months-long protest. Black Snake Killaz timelines the historical events that unfolded in Standing Rock and brings you the raw experience from many frontline actions to protect the water.

Although the Dakota Access Pipeline is completed, the impact of the movement will be long-lasting. As fossil fuel extraction projects continue to impact some of the most vulnerable communities throughout the United States of America, the importance of the water protectors story grows.

At this time last year, Natives and allies were being attacked by dogs, targeted with illegal scare tactics and soaked by water cannons in freezing temperatures while protecting the water. Today, there’s 200,000-gallon massive oil spill on a South Dakota reservation.

Unicorn Riot is a volunteer-operated non-hierarchical decentralized media collective comprised of multimedia artists and journalists. Unicorn Riot’s purpose is to amplify the voices of people who might otherwise go unheard, and broadcast the stories that might otherwise go untold, and to further understanding of dynamic social struggles. Unicorn Riot were on the ground covering the demonstrations throughout the entire campaign to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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