The Yes Men are Revolting, gay rights in Uganda, and Julian Assange

[The Yes Men are political activists who carry out elaborate and often hilarious media pranks against climate-change deniers and psychopathic, polluting corporations.

Their latest stunt? Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum (not their real names) are giving away their secrets to activists in a series of workshops and lectures.

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Our co-conspirators The Yes Men have been busy.

The Yes Men Are Revolting opened in theaters nationwide to rave reviews, even in former victim the New York Times. In the making of Revolting it came out that Dow Chemical was spying on Andy and Mike, and us here at Evil Twin Booking Agency, which led to a budding bromance with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Opening weekend at IFC in New York, Julian was kind enough to sit down with us (via satellite) for a Q&A, that delved into the state of the surveillance state, the perils and benefits of artistic expression and the power of humor.

Some nice excerpts are here:


The making of Revolting had other twists.

When Andy and Mike traveled to Uganda to meet with activists and see the effects of climate change, they felt conflicted. US Christian evangelicals have turned their attentions to Africa and whipped up homophobia with lurid stories and manipulative tactics. Recently, an anti homosexuality law had been passed in Uganda.

For Andy, who is gay, “coming out was an obvious thing to do. After meeting visibly gay activists in Uganda, it helped me overcome any hesitation I had. Meeting people who were remaining visible in the face of death threats made me realize that I risk little and owe it to them to say something.”

Appropriately, the Yes Men were formed by way of pranking of the gay variety.

Working as a coder for the Sim Copter game, a young Andy (real name Jacques Servin) was told by his boss to insert “bimbos” into the animation. He figured “why not studs?”. Players who received copies of the game were treated to smooching young men in speedos.






After his firing and the subsequent media storm, a mutual friend introduced him to Igor Vamos (aka Mike Bonanno), mastermind behind the Barbie Liberation Organization.


Some kind things people are saying about the Yes Men, and The Yes Men are Revolting:

“…commercial identity theft masquerading as social activism.” – U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
New York Times Critics’ Pick

“The best of the series to date. More than just another document of their antics, the documentary is an ode to a new era of activism relevant to anyone moved to take action – or questioning if it’s worth their time to do so.” – Indiewire

“It’s a little Michael Moore politics dressed up with Sacha Baron Cohen’s showmanship… In its grandest triumph,  ‘The Yes Men Are Revolting’ is an activist doc inspired by more than just its topical issues.”  –


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