This Yes Men prank is revolting, but factory farming is even more so.

Drought-stricken California carnivores were bewildered and amused when dirt-smeared beef industry reps, accompanied by notorious vegan Moby, told them to stop showering and drink their own urine in order to keep eating meat.

In true Yes Men style, the campaign’s ridiculous call to action was indistinguishable from typical inane corporate “astroturf” solutions, and press outlets reported it as real.

The video is funny, but the reality is no joke.

Everyone knows about the shocking animal cruelty and consumer health dangers in industrial meat production, thanks to the efforts and exposes of activists and journalists like Will Potter.

Now climate change is exposing another dirty not-so-secret that’s sending Big Ag scrambling, even as they try to criminalize journalists and whistleblowers.

Factory Farming uses unsustainable amounts of water. In drought-stricken California, the beef industry sucks up half of the state’s water supply.

We can’t fix the California drought or climate change without shutting down factory farms.


“If you ask me, I think you should be eating veggie burgers” – California Governer Jerry Brown responding to the “beef industry reps”, making what seemed to be his first public statement on the role of factory farming in the drought.


[Armed with nothing but quick wits and thrift store suits, the Yes Men impersonate big-time corporate criminals to draw attention to their crimes against humanity and the environment.

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Book This Yes Men prank is revolting, but factory farming is even more so.


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