Arse Elektronika

Sex! technology! identity! robots!

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Art is a Weapon- with Eric Drooker

Art As A Weapon – Presented by Eric Drooker

Eric Drooker’s presentation “Art as a Weapon” examines the language of art and visual narrative

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Art As Money

Art As Money is a project which looks at the value(s) of art and money.

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Context Hacking

“Context Hacking” references hacker culture, propagating a creative and emancipatory approach to the technologies of the digital age. Presentation by Johannes Grenzfurthner of the Austrian art organization, monochrom.

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DIY Toolkit for Urban Ecological Regeneration

Scott Kellogg develops healthy urban ecosystems through permaculture, a design philosophy promoting ecological regeneration while meeting human needs.

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Illegal Public Art in Under 5 Minutes!

Johannes Grenzfurthner of the Internationally notorious art-outlaw collective Monochrom teaches you how to create illegal public art in under 5 minutes!

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Love In A Time of Crisis: A Workshop With Velcrow Ripper

Spiritual activist and award-winning filmmaker Velcrow Ripper (Occupy Love, Fierce Light, Scared Sacred) explores the power that is released when spirituality is combined with action.

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David Satori, founding member of Beats Antique, teaches a music masterclass on cultivating and producing creative ideas, via Evil Twin Booking Agency.

Master Class: Music Production + the Creative Process (w/David Satori)

David Satori, founding member of Beats Antique, teaches a music master class on cultivating and producing creative ideas using Abelton Live.

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Favianna Rodriguez, interdisciplinary artist, cultural strategist, and organizer, is available for speaking and workshops through Evil Twin Booking Agency. Her art and collaborative projects address migration, economic inequality, gender justice, and ecology.

Migration Is Beautiful

Artist and activist Favianna Rodriguez will talk about her art practice creating powerful and unapologetic art pieces.

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Our House in Space

[Presented by Ian Cheney] The “environment” is just another word for our home in outer space. Growing up in America today, it’s easy to take our home for granted: water pours from the tap, energy flows from the sockets, and calories cost pennies at the corner store. With more and more of us living in […]

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The Bricoleur Experience (make art with found objects)

Hosted by Shrine. A two-day workshop fostering spontaneity and creating public installations from found materials

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The Latest In Human Nutrition

Using an engaging interactive quiz show format, Michael Greger, MD, shares a summary of the latest in cutting-edge research on clinical nutrition.

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Jamais Cascio, Distinguished Fellow at the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, California, is available for lectures and keynotes via the Evil Twin Booking Agency

The Optimist’s Guide to the Next 10 Years

Depending on the future we choose, the transformations in our technologies, in our cultures, in our planet can be catalysts for evolution and adaptation, or threats.

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The Yes Lab

The Yes Lab is a series of workshops and trainings with the Yes Men to help activist groups carry out media-getting creative actions on their own.

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