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dadara-blue-banknoteIn times when governments don’t want to spend money on art anymore, but spend billions on bailing out banks, artist Dadara started his own bank – the Exchanghibition Bank – which issues banknotes of Zero, Million, and Infinite. The bank has popped up in the main hall of Amsterdam Central Station, The Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, Occupy, cultural venues, as well as shopping centers, and also performed at Burning Man, where customers could get a Zero note in return for filling out a Spiritual Karma Laundering Contract.

In 2012 the Transformoney Tree was built, a tree with Exchanghibition Banknotes hanging from its branches, and the whole trunk covered in an interactive process with real banknotes.

Art As Money is a project which looks at the value(s) of art and money, and how we attach our own values to money. Dadara also explored those values as an artist-in-residence at the ASN Bank in The Hague.


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