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Big Freedia

BIG FREEDIA is available for speaking engagements, keynotes, and Bounce/Twerk dance workshops through the Evil Twin Booking Agency. For musical performance please contact Christian Bernhardt at The Agency Group.

Big Freedia (pronounced “Free-da”) is the undisputed “Queen Diva” of Bounce music from New Orleans. She has been credited with helping popularize the genre, which was largely underground since developing in the early 1990s.

She started her career around 1999 performing in New Orleans, and released the studio album Queen Diva in 2003. She first gained mainstream exposure in 2009, and her 2010 album Big Freedia Hitz Vol. 1 was re-released on Scion A/V in March 2011, as well as a number of music videos.

She has been featured in publications such as The Village Voice and The New York Times, and has performed on Last Call with Carson Daly, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and at SXSW, where she received a positive review from Rolling Stone. In 2011 she was named Best Emerging Artist and Best Hip-Hop/Rap Artist in January’s “Best of the Beat Awards,” and was nominated for the 2011 22nd GLAAD Media Awards.

Bounce Music is an original urban music rising up from the challenging yet fun-loving nature of the New Orleans housing projects which dominate the city’s street culture, and Freedia performs a derivative of Bounce reserved for self-proclaimed “Sissies” (a locally used name for biological men with varied and ambiguous sexual identities) that has risen to prominence in recent years and features explicitly gay and cross-dressing musicians and themes. Big Freedia, like other “Sissy” artists, has achieved mainstream success with several New Orleans hit singles such as “Gin in My System” and “Azz Everywhere!” from her albums “An Ha, Oh Yeah” (1999) and “Queen Diva” (2003). Freedia began her musical career almost 15 years ago at the Walter L. Cohen High School in New Orleans, where she was enlisted as choir director from her Sophomore to Senior years. She sees her performance as a Bounce artist as an extension of this work, often interacting in a call and response/teacher and student fashion with her audiences.

While also running a successful decorating business (for which she has counted the Mayor’s office as a client), Freedia has begun traveling outside the city regularly with her dancers, The Divas, and live DJ, Rusty Lazer, playing to sold out audiences from the East to the West Coast alongside (or onstage with) artists such as Spank Rock, Ninjasonik, Monique, The Rapture, 7 Seconds, Snoop Dogg and many more. Big Freedia has traveled around the planet to Europe and beyond, headlining shows in Paris (Social Club), Amsterdam (Valtifest), Milan (Nike Stadium) and London. Her next album which will include collaborations with New Orleans’ most prominent rappers and beatmakers alongside the work of unique producers and performers from around the world.

Miley Cyrus?

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submit a Bounce/Twerk dance workshop or speaking request for BIG FREEDIA

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