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Bill Ayers

BILL-AYERS-nextgen-speaker-596x900-nextgen-gallery-[eviltwinbooking(dot)org]Bill Ayers, formerly Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), founder of both the Small Schools Workshop and the Center for Youth and Society, has written extensively about social justice, democracy and education, the cultural contexts of schooling, and teaching as an essentially intellectual, ethical, and political enterprise.

Bill Ayers is a peace and justice activist, and a former leader of Students for a Democratic Society and co-founder the Weather Underground.

His articles have appeared in numerous scholarly and popular journals, and his books include Teaching Toward Freedom; A Kind and Just Parent; Fugitive Days; On the Side of the Child; Teaching the Personal and the Political; (with Ryan Alexander-Tanner) To Teach: The Journey, in Comics; (with Kevin Kumashiro, Erica Meiners, Therese Quinn, and David Stovall) Teaching Toward Democracy; (with Bernardine Dohrn) Race Course. Edited books include (with Janet Miller) A Light in Dark Times: Maxine Greene and the Unfinished Conversation; (with Therese Quinn and Jean Ann Hunt) Teaching for Social Justice; and (with Therese Quinn and David Stovall) the Handbook of Social Justice in Education. His latest book Public Enemy is the sequel to Fugitive Days.


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Bill Ayers on the responsibility of academics to to participate in public debate (part 1 of 3)
Bill Ayers's lecture on the education system, "Diving Into the Wreckage", at Big Ideas Fest 2011

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