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Dennis-Kucinich-speaker-evil-twin-booking-agency-dennis-kucinich-smiling-vertical-grey-background-500x400Dennis Kucinich is an internationally known environmentalist through a long career in public service which includes service as a city councilman, Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio State Senator, and US Congressman.

He has led US delegations in international fora, demanding America lead the way in achieving environmental integrity through the Kyoto Climate Treaty and voluntary reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

In two campaigns for the Democratic Presidential nomination, he raised the bar on a broad range of issues protecting the planet.

He has a 100% pro-environment lifetime voting record and a lifelong record in challenging nuclear utilities on safety, environmental impact, efficiency and cost.  He is a strong advocate for regenerative agriculture as a means to repair the damage which increased CO2 levels have done to the environment. He introduced legislation in Congress to establish an atmospheric carbon concentration goal of 350 parts per million. Kucinich brought the issue of GMOs to Congress in 1999 and drafted the first federal labeling bill.

In Cleveland, he helped draft the city’s first air pollution code, exposed night-time pollution, saved green space, saved the city’s municipal electric system from a takeover by a utility monopoly, blocked several toxic waste incinerators, and thwarted rail traffic through inner-city neighborhoods on the grounds of environmental justice.

His wife, Elizabeth, is a noted environmentalist, humanitarian and award-winning documentary maker.

The couple has three rescue dogs and two cats, one rescued. They are both animal rights activists.  Dennis Kucinich has been a vegan for the past 20 years.

Kucinich has authored two books, one a collection of speeches entitled “A Prayer for America”, another an autobiography of his childhood, “The Courage to Survive.”  He is currently completing work on his third book which is the amazing story of Kucinich, then America’s youngest Mayor, and his challenge to a corrupt local establishment at risk to his health, his career and his life.

Dennis Kucinich is a statesman and a philosopher who believes that the fundamental truth of our existence is human unity, that we are all one, that we are interconnected and interdependent.  It is this belief which has guided him through public life and which he shares with audiences everywhere, in an inspiring, uplifting manner which shows the great evolutionary potential which comes when we awaken to a collective consciousness of repairing our relationship to the natural world and to each other.

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