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Ed Begley Jr.

ED-BEGLEY-JR-secondary-speaker-ed-begley-jr-with-wind-farm-750x500-media-gallery-[eviltwinbooking(dot)org]Actor Ed Begley Jr. is both vegan and an environmental activist. He’s known for turning up at Hollywood events on his bicycle. He uses press coverage to bring attention to environmental issues including energy efficiency and climate change.

His presentation, Live Simply So That Others Can Simply Live incorporates an empowering and humorous message on sustainable living, which includes stories from the electric car he drove in 1970 to helpful hints on picking the ‘low hanging fruit’ of energy savings.

Ed Begley, Jr. has served as chairman of the Environmental Media Association and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. He serves on the boards of many organizations, including the Thoreau Institute and the Midnight Mission. His work has earned awards from numerous environmental groups including the California League of Conservation Voters, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Coalition for Clean Air, Heal the Bay, the Santa Monica Baykeeper and the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation.

He co-starred for three seasons in the hit Planet Green television series Living with Ed, a look at the day-to-day realities of “living green” with his wife Rachelle Carson, who’s not quite as enthusiastic about a rain barrel as he. He is the author of Living Like Ed (2008), and, Ed Begley’s Guide to Sustainable Living (2009).

Begley lives in Studio City, CA in a small, energy efficient home with his wife and co-star Rachelle Carson and their daughter Hayden. He is currently constructing a new LEED Platinum home that will be a showcase of energy efficiency and sustainable living.

++ Film, television and theater work ++

Begley first came to audiences’ attention for his portrayal of Dr. Victor Ehrlich on the long-running hit television series St. Elsewhere, for which he received six Emmy nominations. Since then, he has appeared in several Christopher Guest films, including A Mighty Wind, Best In Show and For Your Consideration, and also appeared in include Woody Allen’s Whatever Works with Larry David, as well as Pineapple Express, Batman Forever, The Accidental Tourist and The Inlaws. In 2012, Begley completed work on a new HBO feature film about the life of boxer Muhammad Ali.

On television, Begley has had recurring roles on Six Feet Under and Arrested Development, and guest starred on The West Wing, The Practice, and Boston Legal, and had a role in the CBS series CSI Miami. His forthcoming projects include Arrested Development, several comedies for Funny or Die, and a new HBO/BBC comedy miniseries directed by Christopher Guest. Begley has also directed several episodes of the hit TV series NYPD Blue.

Begley also starred in the West Coast premiere of David Mamet’s Cryptogram at the Geffen Playhouse, and starred in Mamet’s production of Romance at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles, and in Mamet’s play November in Los Angeles.

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