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Elizabeth Kucinich

Elizabeth Kucinich is available for speaking engagements via Evil Twin Booking AgencyElizabeth Kucinich is an organic regenerative agriculture advocate, documentary producer, and champion for peace, animals, and the environment.

Elizabeth serves on the board of several notable organizations. She is a founding board member of J/P HRO – Sean Penn’s Haitian relief organization, board Policy Chair for the Rodale Institute – the oldest organic research institute in America, est. 1947, and was recently appointed to the board of UNRWA USA who support the humanitarian needs of Palestine refugees.

Understanding the power of documentaries as a medium for education, Elizabeth is an advisory council member of DC EFF, the world’s largest environmental film festival; is the executive producer of GMO OMG, which won the 2014 Environmental Media Award for best documentary, and producer of Hot Water (2015), exploring radioactive contamination of ground water across America. Elizabeth is also an advisor to the documentary “Ground Operations: from battlefields to farm fields” and Food Forward TV, a new ground-breaking series on PBS. Elizabeth is presently working as a producer of two new documentaries, “Organic Rising” and “The Last Pig”.

Elizabeth is married to former eight-term congressman and two-time Democratic presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich.

As the director of policy at the Center for Food Safety (CFS) in Washington, DC. (2013-15), Elizabeth worked on issues of GMO labeling, drugs in meat, chemicals in agriculture and pollinator protection. From US Congress to Hollywood, Elizabeth traveled extensively, raising awareness about the present state of our industrialized, chemical intensive, monopolized food system. Her message emphasized the regenerative potential of truly sustainable agriculture as the foundation not only for a healthy population, but resource efficient production, carbon sequestration, flood mitigation and drought tolerance.

Prior to joining CFS, Elizabeth was director of government affairs at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). There she worked to advance alternatives to the use of animals in medical education and research, and shaped initiatives to reform US federal nutrition policies to emphasize the disease prevention and reversal potential of plant-based (vegan) approaches. Through Congressional engagement, the Army ended its use of monkeys in chemical casualty training and NASA halted radiation experiments on squirrel monkeys and HHS drastically reduced the use of chimpanzees in research. Elizabeth also helped to establish the Congressional Staff Vegetarian Association.

Over the years, Elizabeth has been engaged in many humanitarian and international endeavors. Prior to coming to America in 2005, Elizabeth worked for the Mission to Seafarers, lived and worked in the bush in Tanzania with a subsistence farming community for 16 months, volunteered in a Missionaries of Charity home in Agra, India and helped establish an education project for ‘untouchable’ (Dalit) children in a village near the Taj Mahal.

Her key priority since her marriage to Dennis Kucinich is to work for international relations break throughs. She and her husband have made many trips to the Middle East, to speak with national leaders and citizens, to learn about and support community building efforts for peace building, reveal the dynamics of the ‘international game of nations’, and to informally assess war crimes.

Elizabeth organized the American Monetary Institute’s first international conference on monetary reform in October 2005. After working with her husband Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Congressional legislative counsel for 5 years, landmark monetary reform legislation was introduced in the House of Representatives in the form of the NEED Act: The National Emergency Employment Defense Act. The NEED Act would transform our present debt-based money system by ending fractional reserve banking, put the FED under the US Treasury, provide for a full employment economy and facilitate the funding of much needed infrastructure reforms.

Elizabeth has a Bachelors degree in Religions Studies and Theology, and a Master of Arts in International Conflict Analysis from the University of Kent, U.K.

She has completed a number of vocational training courses in topics including core skills in U.N. Human Rights fieldwork, SPHERE: implementation training in Minimum Standards in Disaster Response, and Child Protection. She also has a certificate in Peace and Reconciliation Studies from Coventry University, U.K. She is a qualified TESOL teacher and has taught appreciative inquiry at executive MBA level.

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