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Isra Allison

Isra Allison, leader at Brand New Congress, former Delegate to Bernie Sanders at the DNC, is available for lectures, keynotes, and workshops via Evil Twin Booking Agency.

Isra Allison is a leader at Brand New Congress, a former grassroots volunteer for the Bernie Sanders movement, and former Delegate for Sanders to the Democratic National Convention.

Senator Bernie Sanders inspired Isra to be become a part of a grassroots revolution. She started volunteering in fall 2015, and never looked back. She embraced the Bernie Sanders platform to get money out of politics, rebuild our economy, change our criminal justice system and increase the standard of living, and began talking to people everywhere about how this can be possible.

Like many millennials and Gen Xers, she was new to this level of involvement in politics. Through countless hours of volunteerism, knocking on thousands of doors and listening to the needs and wants of the people, she found her calling as a political organizer by activating teams from her hometown in Charlotte, NC to travel over 15,000 miles across the country to canvass for Bernie’s Presidential campaign.

Through her leadership and dedication, she was elected a North Carolina Delegate for Sanders to the Democratic National Convention. This election year was the learning experience of a lifetime. She witnessed and experienced the changing political spectrum, the disenfranchisement within the parties, and the overall discontent with leadership in this country and with the candidate choices registered voters are stuck with.

She is now one of the leaders at Brand New Congress (BNC), using that same Bernie energy to continue the revolution.

Run primarily by grassroots leaders and former staffers from the Bernie campaign, Brand New Congress has a two year goal to elect more than 400 new candidates into the House and Senate in 2018, as a single, unified campaign.

The goal is to end poverty, reverse the effects of climate change, end policies that ruin the lives of millions abroad by destabilizing their countries, and restore the US democracy to representing all of the people instead of just monied interests.

Their mission is a big and bold one that has already cultivated widespread momentum through social media, main stream media outlets, news articles, and via their 100 City Organizing Tour where Isra and other speakers on the National team traveled across the country to activate folks on the ground.

Isra’s passions include:

– Educating people on Real Politics as we know it today.

– Motivating people to get out and DO.

– Insights and very cool things you can do to start a political movement in your community

– Sharing “Stories from the Road” from a variety of perspectives, from real conversations with the poor and      disenfranchised to those who have been involved with the political process in the 2016 election.

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