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Jennifer Abbott is a multi-award winning director and editor of documentaries with a particular interest in social justice and deep ecology issues. She is one of the directors and the editor of The Corporation, the top grossing Canadian documentary in history, which to date has won 25 international awards including the Audience Award for World Cinema at the Sundance film festival. She has also produced, directed, and edited A Cow at My Table, a feature documentary about meat, culture, and animals, which won 8 international awards. Other past works include the experimental short and video installation about interracial relationships Skinned, which toured North America and Europe including New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Abbott has edited numerous documentaries, installations, and performance works. She is the editor and a contributing writer for the book Making Video “In”: The Contested Ground of Alternative Video on the West Coast. As an organic gardener and mother, she shares her home on an island off Canada’s West Coast with, among others, a blind dog and two rescued pigs.

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