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Jessica Banks


Jessica Banks is a roboticist, product designer, and interactive artist.

She creates kinetic furniture and sculpture, from levitating and balancing tables to sensor-based robotic chandeliers and shelving systems, through her company Rock Paper Robot (RPR).

Her designs reflect her technical breadth with functionality and frivolity. She has collaborated with Frank Gehry designing a robotic, environmental platform, and has spoken and shown art work conferences, panels, and shows internationally. She was featured on an engineering based reality TV show (BBC/TLC).

Jessica holds holds a Computer Science and Electrical Engineer’s degree and a Master’s in robotics from MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab as well as a B.S. in General Physics from the University of Michigan. A fellowship at Eyebeam Art & Technology brought her back to New York to become an entrepreneur.

Jessica has experience in the entertainment industry as personal assistant and collaborator to Senator Al Franken.

Jessica’s multi-disciplinary background has established her as a creative and technical resource for multiple ad agencies, from campaign brainstorms to development of global initiatives for international corporations like GE Healthcare.

Jessica’s work and her writing have been featured in the New York Times, PBS, WIRED, Wall Street Journal, SEED, Cosmopolitan, and other publications.

Despite her lofty goal to keep people aware, awake, and awed, Jessica still relishes the sense of accomplishment afforded by a flattened tube of toothpaste.

Interview with Jessica Banks in Seed Magazine:



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