Joshua Goldbard

Joshua has spent the last four years developing MobileCoin – a fast, safe, and easy-to-use payment technology that gives everyone the ability to transact from nearly anywhere in the world digitally. His passion for understanding technology and translating complex concepts into plain language has been a focus throughout his career. His expertise in mobile systems and his desire to democratize finance were central to his founding MobileCoin.

With a vision of ensuring privacy is a universal right and mobile payment options are fast, simple and secure, Joshua is committed to making decentralized financing available to all. Since its founding in 2017, MobileCoin has raised over $100 million from leading investors and is considered one of the fast-growing cryptocurrencies worldwide. Working in telecom for much of his life, Joshua developed, managed, and implemented networks of significant complexity. Before MobileCoin, he managed one of the first crypto hedge funds.

A lover of the creative process – whether it is computer coding or art and music – Joshua is committed to supporting thinkers and creators and bringing new concepts to life, also serving as Board Member for the MobileCoin Foundation.

Joshua Goldbard in a black jacket and hat in front of painted wooden background
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