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Paul Glover

pg.2011Paul Glover is the founder of Ithaca HOURS, a local currency system that promotes economic strength and community self-reliance and gives local businesses a chance to compete against big box retailers.

Since their introduction in 1991, Ithaca HOURS have traded in the millions of dollars with hundreds of participants accepting the bills for goods and services.
Ithaca HOURS have inspired other local currency systems across Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

The Ithaca HOURS system has been welcomed by communities increasingly wary of the flow of fiat currencies out of their communities into the hands of big corporations and banks.

Currently he is organizing the Patch Adams Free Clinic, which will provide community-based health care that is genuinely non-profit, preventive, humane and fun to a low income neighborhood in Philadelphia.  This five-acre lot in North Philadelphia surrounded by the nation’s largest urban permaculture park will host a solar-oriented structure surrounded by orchards, gardens, greenhouses, playgrounds and parkland.

Paul consults for grassroots economic development. He meets with organizations and community leaders to who are seeking to define a credit system that best meets their community’s needs, and advises them on how to issue and manage the money.

Since founding Ithaca HOURS, Paul Glover has gone on to found a dozen organizations and campaigns dedicated to community, ecology, and social justice.
He is the founder of Citizen Planners of Los Angeles, an organization that proposes releasing paved city land for orchard, garden and play, thereby building LA toward balance with nature.

He is the founder of Philadelphia Orchard Project which has planted 35 orchards.  

His Health Democracy movement promotes grassroots health co-ops like his Ithaca Health Alliance to replace medical insurers.  He started the League of Uninsured Voters, which raises the demand for medical care for all.
He is author of the books Hometown Money; Deep Green Jobs; Health Democracy; Los Angeles: A History of the Future; How to Take Power, and four urban histories.  He has published several newspapers.

He received a grant from the Fund for Investigative Journalism.

He holds degrees in Marketing and in City Management, and taught Urban Studies at Temple University.

In 1978 he walked across the United States, entirely on foot, from Boston to San Diego.

In 2004 he was invited by the Green Party to participate in their presidential primaries, and received delegate votes at the national convention.

Paul Glover is available for speeches, workshops and residencies.

Interview with Paul Glover on The Corbett Report:



“Grab Paul’s book and become a player where the delivery of health care goes.  Here is an invitation to be engaged with both health and democracy where it seems our government seems concerned with neither.  Glover is not a doctor or administrator.  He has shown that you, a citizen, can do it… he has.”

–Patch Adams, M.D., founder of Gesundheit! Institute, author of “Gesundheit! : Bringing Good Health to You, the Medical System, and Society through Physician Service, Complementary Therapies, Humor, and Joy.”


“Health Democracy describes the breakthroughs we have all been hoping for.  It is must reading for health care reformers in the USA and everywhere.” 

–Hazel Henderson, author of “Beyond Globalization” and “Ethical Markets” 

“Wow!  What a great effort.  His ideas are very timely, and very practical common sense.” 

–Dr. Robert Zieve, founder of the Emerson Center for Healthy Medicine, author of “Healthy Medicine: A Guide to the Emergence of Sensible Comprehensive Care.”


“These days, the money Paul Glover makes — called Ithaca Hours — is floating all over town. During the last mayoral race, all three candidates clamored to take the homegrown money as donations. The other day, a new- and used-car dealership signed up to accept it. Fancy restaurants, the bowling alley and the corner deli all take the multicolored bills.  And the list goes on.
    “It occurred to me that if we were going to have enough money in this community,” he said, “we were going to have to print it ourselves.”  He called the money Ithaca Hours to reflect the “true value of labor” and made one hour worth $10, because $10 per hour is about what the average person earns in surrounding Tompkins County.   Then he designed the bills, a different color for each denomination, and walked around with prototypes…. (Ithaca HOURS are) “the latest in a long list of things he has done that seem too hard for anyone to pull off.”

–New York Times
“No one in the world has done a better job in defining local solutions– that are simple, empowering, and fun– for seemingly intractable global problems than Paul Glover.”

–Michael Shuman, author of “Going Local,” “Technology for the Common Good,” “The Small-Mart Revolution,” and other books.


“Instead of winding up in the coffers of distant corporations, Ithaca HOURS must be spent locally.”

–Wall Street Journal 6/27/96


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