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Shane Davis

SHANE-DAVIS-mediagallery-[eviltwinbooking(dot)org]Shane Davis is a data-miner, activist, biologist, and the founder of, a ‘not for profit’ anti-fracking investigative blog about the Colorado Oil and Gas industry and the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. Shane is a nationally recognized expert data-miner and analyzer of official oil and gas documents. He publishes expose` documents that bring to light the truth about extractive mining that uses hydraulic fracturing and its collective adverse impacts to the environment and to human health. His research and data have empowered dozens of grassroots organizations which use it as a center piece for anti-fracking movements and public debates nationwide.

Shane has featured his data in hundreds of public presentations he calls: “The Inconvenient Proof: A fracking catastrophe”. His creative methods of using official state data in public debates have the industry and the state calling him the “bane of the industry”. He says:’”if the state and the industry says the data is wrong, that’s ok too, because it’s their data.”

Through his research projects, Shane has proven that one of Colorado’s aquifers was contaminated by oil and gas development and that numerous private water wells were contaminated. He has revealed that homes have been built on top of abandoned oil and gas wells that subsequently exploded, that groundwater contamination occurs at a staggering rate, playgrounds have been built on-top of backfilled oil and gas industrial waste pits, and that millions of gallons of toxic chemicals have been spilled and never recovered from the environment.

Shane leads workshops on methods of data extraction, how to analyze and use oil and gas data as a meaningful tool, map-making and various other critical techniques. He also organizes direct actions and peaceful demonstrations. He has also been featured in, and or technically advised, numerous national and international documentaries to include those by Nickelodeon and Showtime.

Shane is an avid hiker, musician, naturalist, and a former National Science Foundation Grant recipient. He lives in Longmont, Colorado.

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