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Toni Lane Casserly

Toni Lane Casserly, artist, entrepreneur and speaker on bitcoin and blockchain, is available for keynotes via Evil Twin Booking Agency.

Toni Lane is an entrepreneur in the Digital Currency and Blockchain industries, and a leader in the movement for global sovereign unity. She works closely with Indigenous Nations, and is a core founder at several impactful ventures in blockchain, including media network CoinTelegraph.

Toni Lane is currently creating CULTU.RE, a company working toward global citizenship through cooperation, and the evolution of government into networks of communities beyond borders.

Toni Lane has served as an advisor and consultant to several notable companies, funds and family offices, including SingularityU, Polymath Network, Factom, Propy, HSBC, Cicso, the government of Saint Lucia, P&G, Institute for the Future and St. Gallen Symposium.

She is an investor, artist, advisory board member, transformational evangelist and founder who has been called “The Joan of Arc of Blockchain” by her peers and various publications.

An advocate for the potential of technology to enable the peaceful evolution of societal structures, she has spoken at BigThink, TEDx, Simulation Series, Future Thinkers, Crypto Finance Conference, Katapult, Polycon, Innovate your State, DraperU, NEXUSearth, Exponential Finance, World Crypto Economic Forum, Blockchain Economic Forum, and many others. — @tonilanec

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