Avi Lewis

Avi Lewis is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and television journalist.

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Chris Paine

Chris Paine is the director of “Who Killed the Electric Car?”, “Revenge of the Electric Car” and “Do You Trust This Computer?”

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Emmanuel Vaughn Lee

Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee is the director of the documentary film, ELEMENTAL

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Godfrey-Reggio-photo-by-Lisa-Law-400x400 crop

Godfrey Reggio

Godfrey Reggio is an activist, philosopher and filmmaker. He’s the director of Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi, Naqoyqatsi, and Visitors.

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Jehane Noujaim, Academy Award nominated director of THE SQUARE and CONTROL ROOM, is available for lectures and keynotes via evil twin booking agency

Jehane Noujaim

Jehane Noujaim is director of “The Great Hack” and director of the Academy Award nominated documentary feature “The Square”.

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Jeremy Seifert

Director of GMO OMG and Dive! Living Off America’s Waste

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Lance Weiler

Lance Weiler is a storyteller, entrepreneur and thought leader.

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Tristan Taormino

Author, columnist, sex educator, and feminist pornographer

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Velcrow Ripper

Filmmaker, writer, director of Occupy Love, and Scared Sacred.

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