Evil Twin Booking Agency

Evil Twin Booking Agency is a horizontal organization dedicated to advancing new ideas while transforming culture.

We represent a variety of leading thinkers, makers and do-ers for their public speaking appearances.

Some of the speakers we work with include: Nadya Tolokonnikova, Boots Riley, Dr. Vandana Shiva, The Yes Men, Alex Grey + Allyson Grey, Glenn Greenwald, Amanda Sage, Rick Doblin, Onyx Ashanti, Edward Snowden and many more.

We also provide advisory services, media strategy, concept development and creative consulting for live events and organizations. Producing issue oriented and consciousness centered events and actions has been a deep part of our ethos since the beginning. We believe that articulating the best ideas helps shape the future we want to live in. Often we are hands-on in designing, developing and producing unique interactive programming for universities, museums, grassroots spaces, conferences, and experiential arts oriented events.

One of our main goals is to bring together thinkers and do-ers order to bring ideas to life across cultures. We deeply believe in the power and potential of rational thought, access to information, and intelligent debate as well as independent critical thinking. We also strive to build alternatives to obsolete systems through promoting open source culture, self sovereign data ownership and decentralized technologies.

Evil Twin Booking Agency was founded in 2002 by Scott Beibin and Elizabeth-Jane Cole. It began as a media activist culture jamming project emerging from the Lost Film Fest VJ + storytelling touring program. It was designed to challenge institutions of power by bringing emerging ideas from radical and underground scenes into the larger culture while breaking the veil of censorship by government and corporate controlled mass media.


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