Evil Twin Booking Agency is a resource for people who like to organize idea-oriented events with a focus on skill building and knowledge expansion. We can help you organize events for a variety of speakers, artists and performers. We like to work with universities, DIY venues, galleries, museums, festivals and etc.

Whether you’re an experienced promoter, or just getting started in event production and outreach, please feel free to contact us. We enjoy sharing what we know.

If you’d like to organize an event with any of the bevy of interesting speakers, please start the process via the form below.

For press requests, and all other queries, send an email to info [at] eviltwinbooking dot org.

Booking Requests

  • Please fill out the form below, or email INFO (at) EVILTWINBOOKING [dot] ORG

  • (Please enter as many of the items from our roster as you are interested in.)
  • Some choices: we're all up in your rolodex | you saw a flyer | you met one of us somewhere randomly | a friend referred you | web search | astral plane | neural darknet | other / etc:
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