Glenn Greenwald at Concordia University

Evil Twin Booking Agency collaborated with Concordia Student Union to host Glenn Greenwald’s lecture “State Surveillance and the Assault on Civil Liberties” as part of Concordia University’s Surveillance Week. The event was a fundraiser for the Freedom of the Press Foundation, an organization that defends journalism exposing corruption and law-breaking in government.

Glenn Greenwald with Scott Beibin, Elizabeth Jane Cole and Jessie Bennett of Evil Twin Booking Agency


Glenn is a journalist who, along with documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras, led the global surveillance disclosure that revealed operational details about the United States National Security Agency (NSA) and its international partners’ global surveillance of foreign nationals and U.S. citizens. Reporting on the top secret documents leaked by ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden, he scooped the story on the top-secret United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court order requiring Verizon to provide the National Security Agency with telephone metadata for all calls between the US and abroad, as well as all domestic calls.

His lecture examined the broader implications of Edward Snowden’s disclosures and revealed fresh information on the NSA’s abuse of power from his new book No Place To Hide, while examining what the responsibilities are of individuals when a government pries invasively into the private lives of its citizens.




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