Alan Macy

Alan Macy is the R&D Director and a cofounder of Biopac Systems, a worldwide biomedical company. Macy is a Research Specialist at the META Lab in UCSB Psychology. Macy is the founder of the Santa Barbara Center of Art, Science and Technology, a live/work residency and arts laboratory. Macy designs data collection and analysis systems, used by life science researchers, that help identify the meaning of signals produced by life processes. He has 40+ years of product development experience in human physiological monitoring. His recent research efforts explore ideas of human nervous system extension and the associated influences upon perception. Macy specializes in the relationship between affect, emotion and physiological state. As an applied science artist, he creates cybernated art, interactive sculpture and environments.

Alan Macy in a blue shirt in front of a blue background. Alan Macy is available for speaking engagements via Evil Twin Booking Agency

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