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Amanda Sage

Amanda Sage is a visionary artist using her painting as a tool for spiritual and planetary growth and transformation. Her paintings represent multidimensional aspects of humanness in harmonious balance.

Amanda Sage is part of a current generation of artists influenced by the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism. She studied intensively the techniques of the Old Masters as taught by Michael Fuchs. She is an integral part in the inception of the TEMPLE OF VISIONS, the visionary arts gallery and sacred space in downtown LA.  Her work is showcased along established international artists such as Satoshi Sakamoto (Japan), Dennis Konstantin (Germany), Peter Gric (Austria), Autumn Skye Morrisson (Canada), as well as many of the artists from the United States such as MARS-1, SHRINE, Andrew Jones, XAVI, Carey Thompson, David Heskin, Mear-1 and many more.

The Visionary Art movement has grown through a lineage of artists and thinkers seeking to crystallize this dream into form. The emerging popularity and collective awareness of Alex Grey and other visionary artists is testimony that there is resonate vision of sustainability and harmony permeating hearts all over the world as these artists are stepping into the spotlight of the international public through exhibitions and gatherings (The society of Art of Imagination, Beinart Collective, Tribe 13, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Pod Collective), and other avenues, as the world seeks inspiration in being open to new ways of perceiving reality.

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These are all artists who embraced this common vision to awaken a higher level of consciousness through painting visions and messages and alternate states of consciousness. The message behind this work is gaining momentum across the world as it is carried by the intent of a global awakening.
Through her presentation Amanda Sage aims to share the cross-continental, cross generational, and cross dimensional journey she has taken. The goal is to impart a deeper understanding of a growing interdimensional dream that bridges cultural and language divides through visual communication and story telling, while leaving the audience inspired.

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