Amanda Sage

Amanda Sage is a visionary artist using her painting as a tool for spiritual and planetary growth and transformation.

Her paintings represent multidimensional aspects of humanness in harmonious balance, inspiring a remembering of an energetic interconnectedness that is present and shared with all things.

Trained in Vienna under the enigmatic Ernst Fuchs, founder of Fantastic Realism, Amanda is deeply studied in the style of Mischtechnik, layering paint and using different substances to create works of art.  While a resident artist at the culture house WUK in Vienna, she developed her own style and portfolio.

Recently, Amanda Sage initiated The Vision Train, a movement of co-creative enterprise to imagine our collective future through visual story-telling and conversation.

She is a co-founder of the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art and is on the board of directors of CoSM (Chapel of Sacred Mirrors) Alex & Allyson Grey’s art sanctuary in New York. Paradise One, Byron Bay Australia and PuntaMona, Costa Rica are a few of the eco-villages where she hosts painting retreats. Together with designer Shabnam Q, she launched the Amanda Sage Collection, an independent fashion label of visionary wearable art.

She is based in Los Angeles while hosting workshops, lecturing and exhibiting world wide. Her work is in private collections with some pieces also in the permanent collection of the Kirkland Museum in Denver, Colorado.



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