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Annie Sprinkle

Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., has been one of the movers and shakers of the sex positive feminist movement for over three decades. Known as the prostitute/porn star turned artist/sexologist, she has explored sexuality in all its glorious and inglorious forms, and shared what she has experienced and learned through theater pieces, filmmaking, photography, performance art, theater, books and web sites. Her work is studied in the history of performance art, gender studies, theater, and film studies.

Annie’s partner in crime is Elizabeth Stephens, an inter-media artist who has explored themes of sexuality, gender, queerness, and feminism for 20 years. Her most current work is environmental in nature and aims to hasten the end of the devastating mining practice of mountain top removal. She works in performance art, sculpture, installation and video. She is also a Professor of Art at University of California, Santa Cruz and currently the Chair of the Art Department.

Annie and Elizabeth worked for 7 years together on The Love Art Laboratory. Their main collaborative project now is SexEcology: Where Art meets Theory meets Practice meets Activism.


Annie and Elizabeth’s featured joint offerings:

  • Dirty Sexecology – 25 Ways to Make Love to the Earth (theater piece)
  • Assuming the Ecosexual Position: A visiting artist lecture presentation in which they share their adventures in romance, breast cancer, radical sex education, artificial insemination and environmental activism.
  • Custom tailored art education workshops and critiques


Annie’s featured solo offerings:

  • My Life & Work as a Feminist Porn Activist, Ecosexual and Radical Sex Educator: Annie will share her work, do mini-performances, and stimulate discussion with the audience.
  • Ecosexy!: A fresh, innovative, one-of-a-kind presentation which explores SexEcology – the places where sexology and ecology intersect in our culture.
  • Annie Sprinkle’s Amazing World of Orgasm: Film screening and discussion
  • Fun with Ecstasy Breathing Workshop: It’s a sexual healing session, a chakra enema, and a mind expanding shamanic journey all rolled into one yummy pleasurable experiences.


Elizabeth’s featured solo offerings:

  • Wish You Were Here: A Road Trip Performance Art Piece
  • Saving the Endangered Hillbillies of West Virginia: Working Towards the Abolition of Mountain Top Removal Through Art


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