Griff Green

Griff Green has been a well respected leader within the Ethereum community since 2015 and received a masters degree in Digital Currency in 2016. As community manager for and TheDAO, he led every angle of the crisis response effort following TheDAO Hack. He co-founded the White Hat Group, which secured the at-risk funds (10% of the total supply of ETH) during TheDAO hack and one year later rescued $210 million dollars worth of crypto assets following the Parity Multisig Hack. Griff and the WHG also audited Aragon and MakerDAO systems. In 2016, Griff founded Giveth, a crypto donation platform that radically empowers individuals and communities to affect real change in a transparent, decentralized way. He is currently leading the Commons Stack, the natural progression of Giveth’s efforts to build the future of giving from a Token Engineering perspective with a goal of turning any non-profit cause into an impact investment and acts as the product owner for the Token Engineering Commons. Griff cofounded DAppnode in 2018 and has contributed to dozens of other projects as well, most notably, iden3, Hermes, ETHSignals, and brightID all of which he helped to initiate and continues to support in an advisory capacity.

Griff Green, co-founder of the Commons Stack, the White Hat Group, Giveth and DAppNode, is available for keynotes, speaking engagements and panels via Evil Twin Booking Agency
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