Keegan Kuhn

Keegan Kuhn is an award-winning documentary filmmaker focusing on environmental, animal and human rights issues.

He is a writer-director of They’re Trying To Kill Us, an exploration into the relationship between structural racism, food injustice and chronic disease.

Keegan Kuhn is co-director (with Kip Andersen) of Cowspiracy, a feature documentary investigating the destructive environmental effects of animal agriculture, and What the Health, which critiques the health impact of an animal based diet, and the practices of leading health and pharmaceutical organizations.

As a filmmaker, he helps issue oriented organizations reach a greater community of supporters. He is motivated by a deep desire to shed light on untold stories of the most downtrodden in our society, and to raise to awareness through greater visibility of social justice issues.


Keegan Kuhn headshot looking at the camera in front of a medium tan background

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