Rabble / Evan Henshaw Plath

Rabble / Evan Henshaw Plath is a technologist, activist, founding member of the Twitter team, and now the CEO and co – founder of Planetary.social.

His focus is designing decentralized tools for building communities. He has decades of experience leading transformative civic technology projects through discovery, validation, design, development, and release.

As lead engineer and first employee of Odeo, he hired and lead the team through the pivot from podcasting to the creation and launch of Twitter. In collaboration with researchers at MIT he created the prototypes for TXTmob, a text message-based social network for political activists engaged in direct action and mass mobilizations, that were used as a model for Twitter.

Rabble helped found and grow Indymedia’s technology group. He coordinated network governance and developed software for the open source media activist network that provided tools and organization for social movements to tell their own stories and report on political and social issues.

Currently CEO and co-founder of Planetary.social, Rabble is building a decentralized social media app that gives users privacy and an open network.

As a researcher at MIT Media Lab Center for Civic Media, he focused on sustainable healthy social media ecosystems and platform coops. Previously, he served as VP of Engineering at Quantstamp, which secures Layer 1 blockchains and smart contract powered NFT and DeFi applications. He co-founded an open source platform for organizing networks of grassroots volunteers (Affinity.works), founded an agile Ruby on Rails consultancy in Montevideo, Uruguay (Cubox), and was software architect of a privacy-preserving location sharing product for Yahoo! As CTO of Digital Garage – Neo, Rabble ran engineering for the lean product consultancy and professional services business, and grew revenue from zero to $15M annual.

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