Book Shrine (aka Brent Spears)

Shrine (aka Brent Spears)

Shrine, aka Brent Spears, is a self taught artist who has painted over sixty interactive murals around the world, and over fifty murals in Los Angeles. He has painted numerous restaurants and retail store interiors and exteriors including La Luz De Jesus Gallery, The Soap Plant, the first five Houses of Blues and many others. Shrine also paints cars, furniture, and shoes, and creates paintings on wood-framed glass windows. He has created two large-scale temples made from trash at Burning Man, and sculptures at Coachella, Boom Festival, Symbiosis Gathering, and Bonaroo. Shrine has had many art shows over the years, and he performs with Lucent Dossier.

“Through a small hole in the sky, feathers and leaves squeeze through and are pleased to find Shrine waiting for them on the other side. Now they begin, Leaves, Feathers and Shrine looking for precious wire… all wire, rusty and shiny, is collected from street corner sand sidewalks; a constant vigil of wire collecting. The wire is then bent and twisted into a wire house, a safe place for human beings to dream.

A very large building constructed of wire with walls made of bottles and cement and walls made of bricks and rocks with paintings of black birds with black tears crying black oceans swallowing layer upon layer of exotic hanging lanterns entwined with golden jungle fauna. Always new life… searching, finding, gathering… old, thrown away discards… the un-loved turning a-new into holy relic beauties. Negative situations into positive lessons, problems into solutions, re-birth. Open eyes… again, again… constant flowing creation from paint, trash, wire, cardboard, glass, cement, wood- everything falling in love, fingers spitting, eyes laughing, over and over the journey of making to your hearts content.”


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Book Shrine (aka Brent Spears)

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