Book Better Religion Through Science and Art

Better Religion Through Science and Art


presented by Alex Grey and Allyson Grey

Creativity is a spiritual path for many artists. Entheo-art, art that points to the God within, is a sacred creative manifestation of visionary culture.  Entheo-artists paint the transcendental realms from observation.  The viewer, especially one with a dilated psyche, comes into contact with the visionary source through contemplation of the artwork, uniting with the transformative evolutionary creative force working through the artist.

After a life of studying the rise and fall of civilizations, Arnold Toynbee commented that civilizations exist to give birth to better religions.  In Roland Griffith’s Johns Hopkins study, a majority of spiritually inclined subjects had a full-blown mystical experience after a single dose of psilocybin.  The mystical experience is the foundation of all religion. Visions that glimpse divine imagination catalyze the primary religious experience.  Religion is not just tradition and dogma. At the heart of religion is a life lived in relation to the creative force of the Divine.

In the entheogenic state, our perception of self-existence is altered and our life path and the way we relate to others and the world is transformed. For those that have a mystical experience, an enhanced moral compass may play a part in activating stewardship of the ailing planet.  Entheogens have catalyzed reconnection with and compassion for all life.  This awakened “ecology of being” translates from the spiritual world to the physical, promoting creative, even visionary ways of remediating our ailing environment and aesthetically transmitting unitive consciousness. Many who have experienced infinite Oneness  claim to have seen themselves as a part of a light web of souls.  Co-recognizing our interrelatedness is at the heart of visionary culture and is a harbinger of universal spirituality and the dawning of planetary civilization.

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Book Better Religion Through Science and Art


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