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Chelsea Sexton

Chelsea Sexton is an engineer and advocate of  clean, efficient transportation.

She has worked extensively in electric transportation; her work on General Motors’ EV1 program was featured in Who Killed the Electric Car? (dir. Chris Paine), and she was a Consulting Producer on the follow-up, Revenge of the Electric Car.

Chelsea served as Director of the Automotive X PRIZE,  Senior Advisor to VantagePoint Capital Partners’ Cleantech practice, and co-founder of Plug In America, an electric drive advocacy group.

She currently runs the Lightning Rod Foundation, educating consumers and students, and advises industry and policymakers. Chelsea co-hosts the Open Line Show and has written for multiple websites and publications, from to the World Affairs journal.

[Chelsea Sexton is available to accompany screenings of Who Killed The Electric Car? and Revenge of the Electric Car. Click for more info.]

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