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Chris Paine is a filmmaker who tours worldwide as an advocate for electric vehicles and sustainable transportation.  He’s best known as director of Revenge of the Electric Car (about the formation of Tesla Motors), Who Killed the Electric Car?, and Do You Trust This Computer?, which outlines the rise of machine intelligence and how self learning computers have begun to transform virtually every industry.

Recent projects include producing work on the 2015 documentary Bikes vs. Cars as well as films including Charge (electric motorcycles) and No Maps for These Territories (with futurist William Gibson).

Other notable projects include “Marrakesh House” in Los Angeles, a 21st century ecological retrofit of an 1950s building into an sustainable-event space and home. Amid gardens and art made from upcycled materials, solar power runs the house and powers the electric cars and electric bikes.

Chris serves on the board of environmental group Friends of the Earth in Washington DC and the Clean Air Coalition in Los Angeles.  Activist projects include the award winning online site in the wake of the 2010 BP disaster.  He’s appeared on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and many syndicated news programs.

Featured lectures:

  • Getting Around 2.0: Folding Bikes and Plug-In Vehicles: Amidst the pressure of high gas prices, election panic, and economic turmoil, comes good news. Light rail, bike lanes, solar power and plug-in vehicles are arriving to make a cleaner, more liberating reality possible for those who embrace them. Chris Paine, award winning documentary filmmaker behind Revenge of the Electric CarWho Killed the Electric Car, and now advisor to the Conscious Commuter Corporation shares stories from the front lines.
  • How many light bulbs does it take to plug in an electric car?: Chris’s talk glides through the politics, personalities, and cold hard cash reasons for return of the electric car. Chris shares his role as the filmmaker who caught GM and others destroying thousands of this “disruptive technology” in 2003. Seven years later, he documented the incredible return of electric cars for his 2011 documentary Revenge of the Electric Car. This presentation recaps the challenges and then charts the A to Z reasons for their comeback.
  • How to win friends and influence people with arrests, documentaries, and the art of rhetoric: Chris shares his journey from college activist in Nevada and California to documentary filmmaker with Who Killed the Electric Car?. What basic arts of persuasion seem to work in whatever medium they are deployed? Along with a good dose of improvisation, Chris dusts off Aristotle’s famed tools of rhetoric: pathos, ethos, and logos to help make stories talk whether on the streets or in the theater.




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