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Dadara is an artist known for his statues, flyers, paintings, album covers, and performance artwork. His featured lecture is Art as Money.

Dadara started designing flyers and record covers and presenting live paintings for the then upcoming international electronic house music scene in the nineties. In 1999 Dadara built his first big public sculpture: the nine meter high Greyman Statue of No Liberty in front of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. This marked the beginning of the production and design of more big public pieces, which over time became more interactive, combining theatrical aspects with the use of multi-media. More and more these projects started dealing with the problems and challenges of our modern days society, such as Love, Peace, and Terror, in which he used explosives to blow up a pink tank with four barrels. His last big project before becoming a bank director was Checkpoint Dreamyourtopia, a border control checkpoint to enter your own Dreams, which was destroyed with chainsaws and sledgehammers in an old swimming pool in Berlin, exactly twenty years after the Berlin Wall fell.

Dadara has given lectures, presentations and workshops at the Stedelijk, and Boijmans Museum of Art, HKU academy in Utrecht, Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam, at Fringe Theater Festival in Amsterdam, at start-up companies Pitchrs, Wovox and Toogethr, &Samhoud Consultancy Agency, ASN Bank and ABN AMRO Bank, and, at Envision Festival in Costa Rica, Boom Festival in Portugal, and Burning Man.

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